Sprayable Sleep Can Make You Sleep like a Baby

The human body is a piece of marvel. It is designed to work just like a machine. But just as a machine needed to be kept at rest and recharged to make it work again, human body too needs rest to function properly. The best rest you can give to your body is sleep. A person sleeps due to the actions of an enzyme called Melatonin. Melatonin is secreted from pineal glands once night approaches and reduces as the day approaches. Many of us do night shifts and then sleeping at odd hours becomes a major issue. You may lie down after work but due to odd hours have difficulty falling asleep or you may just wake in the middle of that already disturbed sleep, and that’s the end of sleep for that day. Incomplete sleep will make it difficult for you to understand those simple instructions or you may just miss some intricate details at work leading to extended working hours. You pray for the shift to change so that you get to sleep every night.

All your problems are now going to vanish with Sprayable Sleep. This innovative product can make you fall asleep within a matter of minutes. It can be used an ingestible spray or inhaled by spraying on pillow covers.

Fully Natural Formula

This sprayable product is made from sleep assisting natural elements. Melatonin is renowned for its sleep-inducing functions. Unlike sleeping pills where you rarely find natural ingredients, this product has Melatonin and extracts of Valerian Roots, Aromatic Oils of Lavender and Theanine which do not have any side effects. Having a natural formula boosts its effectiveness, and you will never find yourself getting addicted to it.

Clinically proven to be Safe

Several clinical tests that have been performed prove that this product does not have any side effects like heartburn and stomach disorders. It is free from any GMOs, and every batch is manufactured under supervision. The quality control measures deployed are impeccable in the manufacturing of this product. The natural ingredients amplify your brain’s toxin removal system, and you wake up fresh and alert every time. It’s a safe yet effective product to cure you of your sleeping disorders.

A Flavoured Genie in Your Pocket

The sleep inducing spray is available in multiple different packages, and you can use the one which is easy for you to carry. Every bottle has a spray nozzle attached on top which sprays the liquid out when pressed.2 sprays of this peppermint flavored solution can make you fall asleep within 15 minutes. You can spray it with a mouth freshener, or you may spray it on your pillow and its nerve relaxing lavender aroma will calm and relax you into a very peaceful and deep sleep.


Insomnia, if becomes chronic can become too difficult to be treated. One must never take chances with sleeplessness. This sleep-inducing product can treat your sleeping disorders quickly and naturally. So why take a chance with curing when you can prevent insomnia from becoming chronic.

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