Safe Insect Repellant: One Of A Kind

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "lavender oil"Through the year, we have the same problem. Insects. They are annoying and they are difficult to eliminate from the life. Even the flies are so annoying that most people won’t get out of the home or won’t be able to sleep due to a single fly. Obviously, there is a solution. Advanced, chemical insect repellents that are widely popular. If you are using them, continue reading.

Downside of chemical insect repellents

All insect repellents that can be bought in a local store are made to be extremely efficient against insects. Maybe they are, but what about the safety? Due to the fact they contain powerful formulas, needed to repel insects, they are not safe at all. Just reading on the back side of a product, you can get an idea. First of all, you will notice different chemicals that are completely unknown to you. There are 90% chances, at least one of them will cause an irritation or allergy on your!

Another reason that must be mentioned is that most of these products must be used in specific conditions, or they are health hazards! If you have a small child or a pet, they cannot be used in the entire home.

Natural insect repellent

While the aforementioned alternative may be useful, it is dangerous. Lavender essential oil can be used as an insect repellant as well. But, thanks to its natural chemical formula, it doesn’t have any of those side effects. You can even use it in a home where pets and small children live.

Just buy lavender oil and spray it around your home. Insects will be eliminated from the entire house or apartment in a matter of minutes. When you go outside, apply the mixture of the water and lavender oil to the skin. Make sure you mix it with plenty of water. Then, rub it on the exposed skin (avoid areas around the eyes). Insects won’t be able to approach you!

Using lavender oil for most severe insect-treats

If your home is on the target of the entire ant colony, you may have a severe problem. Because using chemical repellents isn’t safe, but it is expensive and less-successful, you should use lavender essential oil once again. As we already said, just mix it with water and spritz it on a path where ants are penetrating into your home.

Ants cannot withstand the odor nor the taste of the lavender oil, and it can even damage their armor. Adding lemon essential oil can only boost the success. Because you will notice the entire line of ants, make sure you follow it and locate the colony. Make a strong mixture of the lavender essential oil and water, add vinegar and home salt and pour it in the ant colony. This will kill the entire colony. If you don’t want to kill them, make a mild version (without adding vinegar) and apply it all around the colony, but leave one narrow path untreated. Ants will run away in a few hours.


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